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Welcome to Hachijojima! – an island in the Pacific Ocean located about 290km south of Tokyo. Influenced by the warm Kuroshio Current, the island has its own unique nature & culture with a mild climate throughout the year. Have a great time on this beautiful island with your choice from our various activities!


●Morning Bird-Watching to see Akakokko ( the Izu Island Thrush)
Once people used to sing in their songs that “ No birds could fly to Hachijojima” since the island was so far away. But in fact, the island is a home for lots of native bird species, like the
Akakokko (Izu Island Thrush). Enjoy listening to their beautiful songs in the fresh early morning air. Rental binoculars & hot morning tea included. (from 2 people)

  Available Season : Apr. – Jun. (every day)
  Time : 6:00 – 7:30
  Price : Adult \2,500 Child (Under 12) \1,500

●Hachijojima Walking Tour
Hachijojima consists of two mountains; Mt. Hchijo Fuji and Mt. Mihara.
Mt. Hachijo Fuji, which is 854.3m, is the highest in Izu archipelago. It has dynamic geographical features characteristic of volcanic mountains within its caldera. Whereas,
Mt. Mihara holds a deep ever-green forest with many streams, which creates a variety of nature. Enjoy walking the course of your favorite choice, and get a special experience of the island’s nature. (from 2 people)

  Available Season : Jan. – Jun. / Sep. – Dec. (every day)
  Time : 9:00 – 12:00 / 13:00 – 16:00 (For one day Tour 9:00 – 16:00)
  Price : Half day Tour …Adult \5,200 Child(Under 12) \2,200  
      Full day Tour …Adult \8,500 Child(Under 12) \3,000
  Courses : Mt. Hachijo Fuji course (approx. 3hours)
The 7th point – Summit – Central Caldera – Around the crater, etc.
Karadaki Fall course (approx. 3hours)
Kashidate – Iou numa Pond – Karadaki Fall – Kurosuna Sand hill
Ridge Walk through Mt. Mihara (approx. 5hours)
… Other courses are also available, so please call for the details.

● Hachijo-kojima Walking Tour
-About the island, Hachijo-kojima-
Hachijo-kojima is an uninhabited island located 7.5km southwest of Hachijojima. It was inhabited until 1969, and the remains of houses and school buildings are still there. The forest on the island is home to wild birds, including Akakokko (Izu Island Thrush), and lots of native lizards, a few of which are now seen on Hachijojima. Also, there are several good points for fishing, diving or snorkeling, which give you a different joy and atmosphere from the Hachijo-mainland.

Half day tour will take you on a hike through the ruins of Toriuchi Village. A full day tour will include a hike to the top of the Mt. Taihei. (from 4 people)

  Available Season : Apr. – Jun. / Sep. – Nov. (every day)
  Time : 9:00 – 12:00 / 13:00 – 16:00 (For full day Tour 9:00 – 16:00)
  Price : Half day Tour …Adult \8,200 Child(Under 12) \4,200
      Full day Tour …Adult \11,500 Child(Under 12) \5,000

●Night Walking in the Forest
After-dark, the island’s nature shows a different side of its face to us. Experience the almost complete darkness that now you can’t experience in the cities, and enjoy watching the Milky Way, glowing mushrooms, fireflies, etc… You might also come across the monster ‘Tenjime’ in the forest…..! (from 2 people)

  Available Season : Jun. – Aug. (every day)
  Time : 19:30 – 21:00
  Price : Adult \3,000 Child \1,800


* Pick up service is available at your hotel or local Minshuku.
* The price for an adult means for aged 13 and up. Free for children under school-age.
* The price includes TAX, the cost for guiding, insurance and rental equipment.
* The operations of the tours and activities are subject to change or sometimes cancelled due to weather conditions.
* Please make your reservations as early as possible (a day before, if possible).
* For other activities like; Star-Watching, Slide-Show of “Island’s Nature”, or for the coordination of various tours & information on the island, please feel free to ask us.
PROJECT WAVE (Yumi Iwasaki, coordinator)
+81-4996-2-5407 or 090-3105-3652 (cell phone)
4953-27 Okago, Hachijo-machi, Hachijojima, TOKYO 100-1401
e-mail wave@isis.ocn.ne.jp